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For a Sustainable, Democratic Dialoque in Europe !

Sustainbility starts in the Human mind, where thoughts and ideas are conceived to become clear or remain blur.Clear ideas can help to build a Sustainable society!

UID Futuremap® is developed as a longterm Education Program for the Future of all Children in Europe! Everybody, living, studying studying and working in Europe must, from early years in life, understand the strong connection between sustainable competition and sustainable cooperation...For a Sustainable, Democratic Dialoque in Europe!
We are now inviting professional partners in Europe, to help us with the production and finance of a film production on this subject. How do you explain and develop Identities in a Democratic Culture? What is Europe? What is a European? Today? Tomorrow - and in the Future ???

18 June 2018

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In Europe 2018, you can find a few of the worlds strongest and most democratic leaders!
Can this last forever? How can we develop European democracy further ?

UID Futuremap provides a new democratic program
for everybody, living, studying and working in Europe !

All categories of leaders and teachers, on all levels, in every part of Europe may take part in maki ng Europe the most
democratic region of the world - to inspire every human being to think together with other people and share our freedom in Peace with allother people, aiming for our european UID: Innovation through Sustainable Competition Possibly Sustainable Cooperation!?? To Position Europe as the leading democratic power in the world!
The New book (in English only, to start with) can be used as a schoolbook by everybody. It can soon be ordered here!

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UID for Europe: Sustainable Competition Possibly Sustainable Cooperation!?? All children, growing up in Europe, will at an early age, in school, learn the benefits of fair, honest competition, which can only be healthy when setting sustainable goals, where the main goal, shall always be the sustainable human being, creating sustainable solutions to all challenges, every day - always "thinking together" - in Europe ...sharing the same Democratic European Value base and its Core Values!

There live and work some 750 million people within the whole of Europe - of which 500 million within the European Union, who, during the next couple of years will be offered to take part of the contents of the UID Futuremap® and learn about their diversity with different identities and shared core values.
Everybody, living, studying, working in Europe can learn and discuss the European Value Base!
democratic format will probably never be endorsed in top ruled China, or value free Russia.

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From Blurity to Clarity with help of The UID Futuremap®

In year 2018 Chaos, confusion, worry, fake news and lies dominate the news flow in the world. The UID Futuremap® can help people to clear their minds and build a clear, sustainable UID Value Base. We´ll start the work in Europe and plan to develop this into a membership organisation for businesses and people in Europe

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Where in the world would you like to live, study and work in the future ?
In top ruled China or Russia, in "USA first"? or in
Democratic, Innovative, Free Europe? Where the English Language, now and in the future, will create the backbone of the Democratic European Continent !

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The European Council, charged with defining the European Union's (EU) overall political direction and priorities, is the institution of the EU thatcomprises the heads of state or government of the member states, along with the President of the European Council and the President of the European Commission. The High Representative of the Union for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy also takes part in its meetings.[1] Established as an informal
summit in 1975, the European Council was formalised as an institution in 2009 upon the entry into force of the Treaty of Lisbon. Its current President is
Donald Tusk.

Human Rights in Europe

A ‘United States of Europe’

In 1946 Sir Winston Churchill delivered a famous speech, at the University of Zurich, in which he advocated a ‘United States of Europe’,
urging Europeans to turn their backs on the horrors of the past and look to the future.

Sir Winston Churchill declared that Europe could not drag forward the hatred and revenge
which sprung from the injuries of the past, and that the first step to recreate the ‘European family’ of justice, mercy and freedom was “to
build a kind of” United States of Europe ”. In this way only will hundreds
of millions of people be able to regain the simple joys and hopes which make life worth living”.

Council of Europe

With this plea for a United States of Europe, Sir Winston Churchill was one of the first to advocate European integration to prevent the atrocities of two world wars from ever happening again, calling for the creation of a Council of Europe as a first step.

In 1948, in The Hague, 800 delegates from all European countries met, with Churchill as honorary president, at a grand Congress of Europe.

This led to the creation of the Council of Europe on 5 May 1949, the first meeting of which was attended by Churchill himself. ’ His call to action can be seen as propelling further integration as later agreed upon during the Messina Conference in 1955, which led to the Treaty of Rome two years later.

It was also Churchill who would first promote the idea of a ‘European
army’ designed to protect the continent and provide European diplomacy with some muscle. Furthermore, the European Court of
Human Rights was created in 1959 — a decade a er Churchill first championed the idea. Providing the inspiration to the people of Europe as the binding factor in the allied fight against Nazism and fascism, Winston Churchill consequently became a driving force behind European integration and an active fighter for its cause.

The EU Treaty 2018

The EU Union shall base its values on respect for human dignity freedom, democracy, equality,

the rule of law and respect for human rights, including the rights of persons belonging to minorities. These values should be common to the Member States in a society characterized by diversity, non discrimination, tolerance, justice, solidarity and the principle of gender equality.

1. The Union shall aim to promote peace, its values and the welfare of the people.

2. The Union shall offer its nationals an area of freedom, security and justice without internal borders guaranteeing the free movement of persons
while taking appropriate measures concerning external border controls,asylum, immigration and the prevention and combating of crime.
3. The Union shall establish a single market.

The Union shall promotesustainable development in Europe based on balanced economic growth and price stability, in a competitive social market economy in which full employment and social progress are sought, as well as a high level of environmental protection and a better environment.

It will promote scientific and technological progress. It will combat social exclusion and discrimination, and promote social justice and social protection, gender equality, solidarity between generations and the protection of children's rights. It shall promote economic, social and territorial cohesion and
solidarity between member States.It will respect the richness of its culturaland linguistic diversity and ensure that the European cultural heritage is
protected and developed.