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21 September 2018

Invest Your time in Human Braincells !

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TheUID Futuremap is a seven step, unique program, which is developed in Sweden, to make human beings of any age or profession concious of their endless value, within their organisation - to make everybody included, whether its a grownup business, a council or a primary school...

The new book "which is Your UID Value Base ?, you can order and enjoy for free. Perfect for all staff, pupils and members of your organisation! The seven step program; the UID Futuremap, you can order, read and present as a slideshow, for anybody, in for example the leadership group - for only Euro 340.00The book you can get for Free to get inspired. You can send as many copies you like, further to colleques and friends!!!! The Uid Futuremap can only be used by yourself, once you´ve paid the fee! The UID Futuremap provides a fast and easy to understand introduction to the newion to the new book!
You can order The UID Futuremap through my email: You will receive your Free book, via your email at the same time :-) All material will be send in an easy to use
pdf format!

Where ever you are, on planet earth, who ever you are, what ever you do in your life, you will need a clear UID Value Base and a few well selected Core Value to be able to present who you are and where you belong, at anytime, between two elevator levels…

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Now, here is the UID Futuremap ® , which provides a way out the worlds anxiety and human stress. The UID Futuremap ® is a unique Seven Step program, which can help individuals, organisations, businesses, councils, regions, schools and universties to create a healthy work environment, for all staff and students, built on a clear value base, where everybody can be included to select their own core values. The sustainable human being, active in sustainable competion is the ultimate goal !

For individuals, organisations and brands !

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"So, Donald...which is Your UID Value Base" asked Vladimir...

The new Handbook, "
Which is Your UID Value Base". written for every human being, of every generation, in every country, region, council and business around the world, will be available to order through this website, from the autum 2018. It will be released as a digital version to start with...

From Blurity to Clarity!

Think together

The issue is Sustainability! Specifically
Human Sustainability

A Sustainable world
, and a Sustainable society can only be built by Sustainable people...within a network of creative, Human Communication, where everybody in every organisation owns a clear UID, based on a handful core values...carried within the Human brain !
Your UID can be used 24 hours, in all situations like when presenting your UID Value Base between two elevator levels to creating a long term UID Business Strategy...

The whole world
, every region, country, council and business can become sustainable, if theworld first decides to make every individual sustainable, where everybody learns about the connection between sustainable competition and sustainable collaboration...and every person, at any age, owns a presentable UID Value Base !

Sustainable People grow with their UID Value Base!

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You Can book me; Håkan Lagergren, to come and visit your council, school, region, country or business, to present my Value Base - Program and its handbook, whenever you´re ready. Just lift your telephone and call me on 0046 703 61 87 97 ! Or send an email, to I can fly to you from Copenhagen/Kastrup, whenever or whereever you want to see me! I look forward to seeing you!

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Sustainable People grow with their UID Value Base!

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40 words

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The UID Futuremap®, a tool for Human Value Development, constructed by Håkan Lagergren, between 1994 and 2018

Below, you can find the find the contents of a two - three hour UID Futuremap seminar:
Please contact me; Håkan Lagergren, for a quote of a Leadership Seminar in your organisation !

The goal of UID FutureMap®, for all business stakeholders, can be found in step 7: Sustainable Competition Possibly Sustainable Cooperation!??.
Here you can read about the business idea, ie,
what you do for whom and how. How of course refers to sustainability.
The goal is not to become the largest in the world, but the best in your field; in your cathegory to gain position # 1 Not to compete
with price or wage cuts, but to make it stand out, expressed in
uniqueness what only you can provide, with high quality and profitability.

Step 6.Sustainable value growth for all stakeholders. long-term development, through your unique production, like within Apple, Volvo and others.
Step 5.Sustainable brands. Everyone learns how to build a unique, profitable brand, with all employees involved. Everybody have the same focus, ie todevelop a sustainable brand. You can also build your own, personal brand. Just for yourself, if you want. Step 4.Human consciousness. All success
depends on the
quality of your communication!

Everything is contained in your consciousness, in your human brain, in the 100 billion brain cells,which the human brain is equipped with. Step
3.Human identity and human roles. Everyone in your organisation can clearly see the differencbetween their roles and their personal characteristics, which reduces therisk of conflicts between colleques and reduces unhealthy stress.

Step 2. Sustainable values and democracy
. The basis for human developmentand for achieving sustainable social development are sustainable values, which are partly shared and partly individual. It is a lifelong work to develop sustainable values, without making it easy for yourself and say thata particular "ism" or religion takes care of the matter. This requires a functioning democracy, freedom of speech and freedom that makeseverybody confident and fearless. Scared people create nothing! What is a human being? Step1.Who creates your sustainable future? Everybody dothemselves - together with other people in a community , through the communication that will occur during sustainable leadership, with sustainable objectives. Each job can become Sustainable work! Money can never becom an own goal, but the good result of the qualitative targets.

The Sustainable Human Being is the main goal every day!