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Updated 25 November 2017


A Social Model for Europe, with goal:
Sustainable competition!

Human value development and sustainable competition
starts with an
UID Value Base and UID Core Values

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The big idea

From Blurity to Clarity and Peace in Mind.

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Håkan Lagergren, a Swedish Strategy Consultant and branding expert, is now, in 2017, publishing, his third book " Think together! Which is Your Value Base ?, in Swedish and in English. The new book builds on my long standing work with the development of the seven steps in the programme UID Futuremap.

UID means Unique Identity Definition.

hour seminar with Håkan Lagergren: Think together! Which is Your Value Base ? SEK 25.000:-:
Håkan Lagergren, a Swedish Strategy Consultant and branding expert, is now, in 2017, publishing, his third book "
From Blurity to Clarity and Peace in Mind.

It´s all about Your Mind - Your awareness.. or rather conciousness of your Mind, where you are in your life. Right Now! Every second of your life. Your whole life? In communication with the whole world. To communicate Your Unique Identity and Your Spirit! Through contact with your friends, with your family or in communication twith he leadership in Your school or at Your work. Or with suppliers of anything in Your Life Sometimes Suppported by brands! It all has to do with your basic values, Your Core Values, which together can take you from blurity; From worry, From confusion, to clarity, reflecting the Dynamic structure of your 100 billion brain cells…To make You into a Sustainable Human Being...

" When time is insufficient and ever increasing competition makes the organisation worried and ineffective, the management needs a program, which can clarify the value base and the unique core values of your business, in order to reduce harmful stress, to create sustainable people ... which step by step can increase the values of humanity, nature and the long term value of your business - the footprints of your brand…Sustainable people create sustainable brands! Worried people create nothing...

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Life is a single long competition....between everyone and everything, which is all about a struggle to reach the best possible position everyday, until the next stage of this ever ongoing competition, to finally be able to declare...who everyone once were....

All children and all adults within EU have learnt the seven steps to
sustainable competition before year 2025.
All children who grow up within the EU, will learn already in primary school what sustainable competition means

UID Futuremap® - is an education program to achieve sustainable competition within an organisation.
Competition means creating useful training for all contestants. Sustainable competition can give sustainable results; long term, for both children and adults of all ages. Sustainable competition is based on long term clarity, without anxiety or stress.

The new book and its program UID FutureMap® will be translated into English

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Håkan Lagergren lives and works in Simrishamn, not far from Copenhagen, where Håkan ´s third book is composed.Call Håkan, in 0046 703 618797 and ask to set up an introduction seminar with the management group in your business! Do like Volvo Cars and Swedish Pågen Bakeries: Develop a sustainable Value Base!

Volvo cars is built on five core values, of which Safety and consideration are the most important. The Swedish King, Carl The XVI Gustaf, presented his own Core Values in his 2016 Christmas speech to theworld : Courage,care and action power...Why didn´t he choose "freedom, Equality and fraternity "?....from the French revolution ?
Which core values does USA:s new president own ? Below, As an example, you can find Håkan Lagergrens five core values, each positioned within the UID FutureMap. Which are your core values ? Choose three, four, five words !

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UID means Unique Identity Definition.

In too many countries of the world, in regions, councils , schools and busines , there are people who lack a well thought out strategic set of core values - a Value Base. This is a management - and education issue. (All) business and their staff, throughout the world must create sustainable competition for the future. All stakeholders must be involved. How? Learn from Volvo Cars and Pågen Bakeries. Everybody can get easily involved. Think together!

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The idea is that all employees in your organization must have their own copy of the book "Seven steps to sustainable competition" In his their own computers, readingpad, etc., to become actively involved. The e-book can also be ordered
as a book, printed on paper.
'Ask for quotation!

Think together and develop your core values; the words you choose together! When the human brain thinks, it does so by using words, which create electrified memories in one or more of the hundred billion brain cells as the unique human brain is gifted with Each person, community, and business in the world needs a clear UID, a unique identity definition that characterizes the unique core values; each identity owns and can be further developed into effective communication and positioning in sustainable competition.

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Who creates your sustainable future? Everybody do themselves - together with other people, through the communication that will occur during sustainable leadership, with its objectives. Each job can become a sustainable work! Money can never be a single goal, but the good results of the qualitative targets. The sustainable human being is the main goal every day!

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Step 2.Sustainable values and democracy. The basis for human development and your values, withoutmaking it easy for yourself and say that a particular ism or religion takes care of the matter. This requires a functioning democracy, freedom of speech and freedom that makes everybody confident and fearless. Scared people create nothing! What is a human being?

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Step 3.Human identity and human roles. Everyone can clearly see the difference in their roles and their personal characteristics, which reduces the risk of conflicts with your colleques and unhealthy stress


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4.Human consciousness. All success depends on the quality of your communication. Everything is contained in your consciousness, in your human brain, in the 100 billion brain cells the human brain is equipped with.

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Step 5. Sustainable brands. Everyone learns how to build a unique, profitable brand, with all employees involved. Everybody have the same focus, ie to develop a sustainable brand. You can also build your own brand. Just for yourself, if you want.

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6. Sustainable value growth for all stakeholders. long-term development, through your unique programme,


Step 7 The goal of UID FutureMap: for all business stakeholders, can be found in item 7. Sustainable competition. Here you can read about the mission, ie, what you do for whom and how. How of course refers to sustainability. The goal is not to become the largest in the world, but the best in your field, to gain position # 1 ! Not to compete with price or wage cuts, but to make it stand out, expressed in the unique that only you can do, with high quality and profitability.

Young and old people in all countries, regions, councils, schools, businesses and organisations, need a sustainable model. which can be used to reduce anxiety and fear in our world..and gradually develop common decency in language and communication, preferably with a leadership based on ethics and morality.

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Sustainable examples: Volvo Cars, Pågen Bakeries and other businesses who have found how they can create sustainable competion through participation of all their stakeholders.