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21 April 2018

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UID for Europe:
Sustainable Competition: All children, growing up in Europe, will at an early age, in school, learn the benefits of fair, honest competition, which can only be healthy when setting sustainable goals, where the main goal, shall always be the sustainable human being, creating sustainable solutions to all challenges, every day - always "thinking together" - in Europe ...sharing the same Democratic European Value base and its Core Values!

There live and work some 750 million people within the whole of Europe - of which 500 million within the European Union, who, during the next couple of years will be offered to take part of the contents of the UID Futuremap® and learn about their diversity with different identities and shared core values.
Everybody, living, studying, working in Europe can learn and discuss the European Value Base!
democratic format will probably never be endorsed in top ruled China, or value free Russia.

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From Blurity to Clarity with help of The UID Futuremap®

In year 2018 Chaos, confusion, worry, fake news and lies dominate the news flow in the world. The UID Futuremap® can help people to clear their minds and build a clear, sustainable UID Value Base. We´ll start the work in Europe and plan to develop this into a membership organisation for businesses and people in Europe

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Where in the world would you like to live, study and work in the future ?
In Undemocratic China or Russia, in "USA first"? or in
Democratic, Innovative, Free Europe? Where the English Language, now and in the future, will create the backbone of the Democratic European Continent !

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You Can book me; Håkan Lagergren, to come and visit your council, school, region, country or business, to present my vision for a European Value Base and an outline for communications strategy, whenever you´re ready. Just lift your telephone and call me on 0046 703 61 87 97 ! Or send me an email, to I can fly to you from Copenhagen/Kastrup, whenever you want to see me! I look forward to seeing you!

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Simrishamn is located witin "Greater Copenhagen", within the Swedish County of Skåne. It takes two hours with the local train , between Simrishamn and Kastrup Airport and Copenhagen

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Millions of people, businesses and politicians want to know what Europe stands for! Which
Core Values do we share?
How shall we communicate these values?

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We can all join, in all ages, through Europe, in becoming #1; (
The positioning of Europe) as the best in the world in a discipline we can call " Sustainable Competition " !

Everything "
made in Europe " can be developed and made "sustainable" " by "Sustainable human beings", in competition with the rest of the world ! Competition must not be be destructive or harmful, instead competition can be fair and healhty , like in the Olympic Games... and only develop friendly, honest human beings and creative innovation in business and all parts of our society: - )

We can all learn about this way of being and thinking, who ever we are, where ever we are - in Europe!

If you live, study or work in Europe, you bcome part of in building a strong and clear European identity, out of a shared European Value Base and a handful of core values, like peace, freedom and democracy - and link these values to your own , in your council,school or businesss.
You can learn rn all about how to organize this process, in the new book "Think together in Europe!, which sooncan be ordered through this website!

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From blurity to Clarity in the mind of all human beings within Europe !

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UID Your Unique Identity Definition

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"When time is insufficient and ever-increasing competition makes the organization worried and ineffective,
management's needs a program that can clarify the value base of the business with its unique corevalues, to reduce harmful stress and to create sustainable people ... as by hand, together can increase the long-term values of human, nature and own business - the footprint of the brand. Sustainable people create sustainable brands! "

I want to make my innovation UID FutureMap® available toall people of all ages, within the whole of Europe! Now it's just a matter "of creating distribution ... via the internet ....

The red thread in all my branding work is
which simply means that the management of a business chooses a word that the entire business can be associated
with. For example, the word
"safety ", for Volvo, the word that is in the mind of all those who are interested in the Volvo brand, with all customers, employees and suppliers and the management of the business.
It is therefore necessary to
position themselves in the consciousness of their target group. Which then creates sales of Volvo cars in competition with other car brands - and if it goes according to plan, creates profitability and provides jobs, where everyperson employed is treated as a unique valuable,sustainable people - who can never be forced to give their skills and time for "half price".

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Håkan Lagergren UID Futuremap®
0046 703 61 8797