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19 March 2019

Lär Dig att skriva
Copy med UID Futuremap som utgångspunkt Kurs för blivande Copywriters. Program och prislapp presenteras under våren 2019.


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The Education program UID Futuremap is developed by the Swedish copywriter and designer. Håkan Lagergren


How can we stop the global warming? Seminar with Håkan Lagergren. Swedish and English. Book now!

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1 February 2019

Top web

From Blurity to Clarity !

Help Y
our organisation to avoid unhealthy stress !

Load down free handbook , here !

Every single human being, from the president to the people who voted for or against him, need to understand how important it is to share an UID Value Base within a community.

In a world of ever-changing change, everyday, it's no wonder that stress due to anxiety, lack of time, fake news and misunderstanding takes over people's lives, everywhere, at all ages ... every day, all over the world ...

Wherever you live, study and work on our planet, whatever you do in your life, you need a clear,
value base every day, based on a handful of selected core values, to make it possible to present who you are and what you think, anywhere, wherever you are, between two elevator levels Find your core values below!

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Everybody can gather their organization and invite everyone to join and discuss how you together can avoid unhealthy stress !