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20 July 2018

"So, Donald...which is Your UID Value Base" asked Vladimir...

- "And - What is a Value Chain?"

A Sustainable world, and a Sustainable society can only be built by Sustainable people!!! who are all well aware of The Sustainable Formula for Innovation and Business Success, through the strong connection between Sustainable competition and Sustainable cooperation. To reach this level of understanding, you need to learn about the work within the Swedish brand Volvo Cars and its core values, safety, care and Human Sustainability...

Which is Your Value Base? A value base can be very personal, private and it can be shared by everybody living or working within the same, community, council, region, country or within a business, of any size or shape. The french revolution provides the best example in history of the human being, with its three core values: Freedom, Equality and brotherhood!

Sustainable People grow with their UID Value Base!

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You Can book me; Håkan Lagergren, to come and visit your council, school, region, country or business, to present my Value Base - Program and its handbook, whenever you´re ready. Just lift your telephone and call me on 0046 703 61 87 97 ! Or send an email, to I can fly to you from Copenhagen/Kastrup, whenever or whereever you want to see me! I look forward to seeing you!

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Think together

Sustainbility starts in the Human mind, where thoughts and ideas are conceived to become clear or remain blur. (Unclear)Clear ideas can help to build a Sustainable society. Everybody needs a program that can make the value base of everybodies lives clear, with their four-five-six unique core values, to reduce confusion and subsequent harmful stress!every single living person must, from early years in life, understand the strong connection between sustainable competition and sustainable cooperation this life long learning process can get started already in primary school. This process can be implented in every country, region, council and business in democratic Europe!Pasted Graphic

The new book will be published first in English. Later in Swedish and oth languages, if you wish!

Hållbarhet utvecklas i det mänskliga medvetandet, där tankar och idéer föds för att efterhand bli allt tydligare eller förbli otydliga...tydliga idéer kan hjälpa till att bygga ett hållbart samhälle. Alla människor behöver ett program, som kan göra Värdegrunden i varje människas liv tydlig, med fyra-fem-sex unika Kärnvärden dör att reducera förvirring och härmed följande skadlig stress!Varje levande människa måste från tidiga år i livet, förstå den starka kopplingen mellan hållbar konkurrens och hållbart samarbete! Denna livslånga läroprocess kan starta redan i småskolan Denna process kan införas i i varje land, region, kommun och verksamhet i hela världen!Sustainable People grow with their UID Value Base!

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Develop Your Value Base. From Blurity to Clarity!

Sustainbility starts in the Human mind, where thoughts and ideas are conceived to become clear or remain blur. Clear ideas can help to build a Sustainable
society! Everybody living, studying and working within Europe, can define their own
UID Value Base:

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All children, growing up in Europe, can at an early age, in school, learn the benefits of fair, honest competition, which can only be healthy when setting sustainable goals, where the main goal, shall always be the sustainable human being, creating sustainable solutions to all challenges, every day - always "thinking together" - in Europe ...sharing the same Democratic European Value base and its Core Values!

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