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During Centuries,
democracy has become a Solid part of European Culture, appreciated by young and old people, all over the world, as a strong part of the European Value Base!

VISION: EU UID = Sustainable Competition!

9 June 2019
EU Value Base

We help people and organisations to find their value base, through books and seminars.

My new book; "Which is Your UID Value Base?" is dedicated to Greta Tunberg and all her friends all over the world! The contents of my book and my program, the UID Futuremap, is based on the same basic ideas as Greta's message, ie that all people around the world must learn to live and work with Sustainable Competition!

6 June 2019

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From Blurity to Clarity !


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The Education program UID Futuremap is developed by the Swedish copywriter and designer. Håkan Lagergren ,who published the award winning book "Varumärkets inre värden" (The inner values of a brand ) in 1998

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Vision: Sustainable people grow further with their UID Value Base!

UID Futuremap ™ Future vision

All people, young and old, need a sustainable vision of the future,in order to be able to participate in the necessary work to develop
a sustainable future, which neither damages our environment nor us people.Obviously, we all need to worry about and worry about the world's climate, but no one gets sick, or breaks down their concerns.

UID Futuremap ™ is a program that in seven steps can create a
dialogue between people in schools, universities, companies andorganizations of all sizes and contexts
A sustainable value base, for all, is the first goal.
Greta Tunberg

What does competition mean?

From the small school and throughout life, people all over the world
get used to competing with other people - about everything.
Sometimes it is about trifles, sometimes it is an important sporting
competition, where all participants trained for several years before
the deciding final.
Companies in all industries compete with others to sell their services or goods, to gain market share and to sell more,
perhaps better goods and services than their competitors.In history, the world has developed through sometimes fierce competition, until today, as more and more people realize that we cannot continue to blame on competition to create growth.

the world and man cannot stop competing. We shall not do that, when competition and competition are useful and necessary, for the development of people and innovations. All people and all activities in the world would be much better off Welearn early in life that competition is beneficial and developing. And that it is not just one who can win. Everyone can win by learning sustainable competition. From the small school and up. All people must learn that it doesn't pay to cheat. One can win a sports competition
through cheating, but how fun is it for the rivals! Or for the one who
has won by cheating?

The above reasoning applies to everyone in the world. If we should build a sustainable world, to be able to live on the planet earth, we must learn in all parts of society us to live and work withsustainable competition as a fruitful rule.

Think of Greta Tunberg's "climate call!

Choose your core values as below:

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