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Updated 25 November 2017

A Social Model for Europe, with goal:
Sustainable competition!


Human value development and sustainable competition
starts with an
UID Value Base and UID Core Values

The big idea
Från otydlighet till klarhet och frid i medvetandet

UID Sv ex

Engl words

It´s all about Your Mind - Your awareness.. or rather conciousness of your Mind, where you are in your life. Right Now! Every second of your life. Your whole life? In communication with the whole world. To communicate Your Unique Identity and Your Spirit! Through contact with your friends, with your family or in communication twith he leadership in Your school or at Your work. Or with suppliers of anything in Your Life Sometimes Suppported by brands! It all has to do with your basic values, Your Core Values, which together can take you from blurity; From worry, From confusion, to clarity, reflecting the Dynamic structure of your 100 billion brain cells…To make You into a Sustainable Human Being...

När tiden inte räcker till och ständigt ökande konkurrens gör organisationen orolig och ineffektiv, behöver verksamhetens ledning ett program, som kan tydliggöra verksamhetens värdegrund, med dess unika kärnvärden, för att minska skadlig stress och och skapa hållbara människor... som efter hand,tillsammans kan öka människans, naturens och den egna verksamhetens långsiktiga värden - varumärkets fotavtryck" Hållbara människor skapar hållbara varumärken! Oroliga människor skapar ingenting...

" When time is insufficient and ever increasing competition makes the organisation worried and ineffective, the management needs a program, which can clarify the value base and the unique core values of your business, in order to reduce harmful stress, to create sustainable people ... which step by step can increase the values of humanity, nature and the long term value of your business - the footprints of your brand…Sustainable people create sustainable brands! Worried people create nothing...

40 wordsStig Braincellö

Think together

HL presentation

Håkan Lagergren is an experienced speaker, through his long experience as a strategic consultant in many different industries in Europe and in seminars based on his two awarded books. "Varumärkets inre värden" and "Mänskligt ledarskap". Håkan is now ready to deliver his advice through his new book "Seven steps to sustainable competition.