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Greater Copenhagen, the 17 th of January 2018

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Världen är översvämmad av missförstånd och oklarheter och numera även s k "Fake News"
Vi kan bara klara oss ur de besvär som detta orsakar, genom att undvika att vara otydliga själva.
Därför behöver alla, människor och verksamheter en genomtänkt värdegrund!

From Blurity to Clarity, with help of the UID Futuremap:
a common value base for the EU !

When time is insufficient and ever-increasing competition makes the organization worried and ineffective, the management of the business needs a program that can clarify the value of the business with its unique core values, to reduce harmful stress and to create sustainable people ... as by hand, together can increase the longterm values of human, nature and self-employment - the footprint of
the brand "Sustainable people create sustainable brands! Worried people do not create anything. Developing a sustainable value base, with its core values, is about first choosing two, three, four, five words that eventually form the value of the business.

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Here, below, sits a suggested value base for Europe! Europe consists of 44 member states. EU is a political form for cooperation between 28 member states of the EU. Here work and live 750 million people, Everybody competes with everybody, like they compete with the rest of the world...The difference may be that Europe already owns a stronger value base, than the rest of the world !?

Every single state within Europe, can work out their own unique value base, with its own core values and maybe create a link to the value base below, with freedom, democrazy, human values and innovation - deducting or adding any other value they like to put forward, like "Diversity and cooperation...

All states within Europe, who are members of the EU... We just need a common communictions strategy, for the future; expressed in a clear value base, built on selected core values. It is only a matter of starting to think together...setting a goal of reahing sustainable competition within the EU

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